Market CSA

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Follow this link to purchase your market card for the upcoming farmstand season, or bring cash/check directly to the farmstand!

What is a Market CSA? We offer "shares" to our early supporters who purchase their membership at the outset of the season. In return, you will receive a prepaid gift card for 24Carrot Farm. Each week, on multiple days, you can use that gift card to purchase fruits, vegetables, flowers, dry goods and u-pick items at our farm stand and the amount will be deducted.

Why are we offering a Market CSA? In offering a Market CSA, we provide a greater diversity of produce and more choice. You can take what you love, and leave what you don't. If you want to purchase $15 this week, and $40 next week, you can. If you go on vacation for two weeks, you won’t lose out on $50 worth of food.

Advantages of a Market CSA: Allows you to choose exactly what you want each week (Not kale again!). You don’t pay for food you don’t eat ( while you're on vacation). You can use your membership share to for u-pick apples, pumpkins, berries, flowers. No need to bring cash. Your share is good for any fruits, vegetables or dry goods that we have in stock, including from other local producers. You can purchase your membership share with cash, check, credit or debit card.

Advantages for the farmer: Allows us to crop plan appropriately, minimizing waste and shortages in production. We spend more time in the field and less time marketing during the busy growing season. Receiving payments up front helps us fund the upcoming season without accumulating debt. No boxing means we cut down on packaging costs, time and our environmental impact. More community interaction in person at the farm stand or farmer's market.

How much will it cost? A membership share is your opportunity to support the farm and provides you purchasing power for produce and other products during a 30-week growing season. Full membership share - $500 paid upfront (entitles you to 10% DISCOUNT - you will start the season with $550 on your gift card, the equivalent of two free weeks of produce!). When does it start? The farm stand will open April 20th, 2019.

What if I don't use the full value of my membership share this season? We'd appreciate members using the entirety of their share in the respective season, as this helps with our crop and financial planning. However, any remaining balances on your gift card can continue to be used at the farm stand in future seasons.